How to Set up your Online Store

How to Set up your Online Store?

The core purpose of Windo is to empower small and medium-sized businesses to join the online marketplace in just a few minutes, and the same is reflected in our setup process. Setting up your online store on Windo is not just easy but quick too. The best thing about setting up your online store on Windo is that you don’t have to hire any developer at all! Let us take you through the process of setting up your online store on Windo.

How to log in?

You can use the Windo web app to log into your account, or download the app. If you are a new user, sign up using your email ID or by continuing with Your Google account. You will receive a 6-digit OTP, using which you have to complete the sign up process.

How to add products?

After signing up with Windo, you add your products/items to the catalog in a few steps.

  • Go to Dashboard and click on the Product icon.

  • You will see 2 icons to add products- Click on any one of the icons to go to the “Create Product” page.

  • Now, you can upload multiple images and select any of the images as the cover image.

  • Finally, just add Product Details and Description.

You can add stock availability to “Always in Stock” or “Limited Stock” by adding some stocks.

How to add payments?

There are two ways to access the Payment section. You can either click on the Payment icon placed in the bottom navigation bar, or you can find it in Settings, right under shop settings.

On the payment page, you can add Online and Cash on Delivery payment modes.

You can also add manual payments like- UPI ID, Venmo ID, Bank account number etc. Plus, Windo also allows you to add QR codes for your customers.

Once the payment details are added, make sure to add the Payment Rules in the checkout settings for the enabled payment modes. You can disconnect your Payment mode anytime. You can also see the Summary of you total billing.

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