How to integrate Nudgify?

Customer Engagement Plugins

Adding customer engagement plugins to the online shop can be highly valuable for sellers looking to improve their customer experience and increase sales. By incorporating these plugins, sellers can engage with their customers and answer to their concerns in a lot of different and better ways. This level of engagement can create a more meaningful shopping experience for customers- resulting in customer loyalty. With Windo, you can add a customer engagement plugin within minutes.


How to Integrate Nudgify?

  • Go to the Windo Dashboard.

  • At the Navigation Menu, click on Settings.

  • Scroll to Plugins & Integration, and click on it.

  • Search for Nudgify, and click on it.

  • Read the steps to integrate the Plugin.

  • Next, click on the Create text.

  • After getting redirected to the Nudgify page, login into your Nudgify account.

  • You can instantly create your account if you don’t have one.

  • Enter your Shop URL.

  • Select your preferred language.

  • Click on Add to your HTML and copy the code.

  • Go back to Windo and open Nudgify’s instruction page, then click on Connect button.

  • Paste the code into the given field and click on the Connect button.

  • The Nudgify plugin will be connected.

  • Once connected, go to your Shop and refresh your page. You will be able to see the changes in your Shop.

  • You can edit the Plugin details anytime.

  • You can disable or disconnect the Plugin whenever you want & it will not reflect on your store.

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