How to manage payments?

How to Manage Payments

Add Payments

Easy payment management is important for the success of an online business. It ensures smooth and hassle-free payment procedures for both sellers and buyers. Not to mention the significant difference a straightforward payment process can make on the conversion rate. Windo offers just that- a simple and easy way to manage your payments.

Follow these steps to manage PAYMENT in your online store:

  • You can find the Payment option on the Dashboard.

  • Go to the Payment page by clicking on the Payment icon added at the bottom. Or, you can go to Settings under shop settings for the same.

Online OR Cash On Delivery

  • On the payment page, you can add Online and Cash on Delivery payment modes.

  • Select any of the payment modes, click on Connect and add the details.

  • Your payment mode will be connected, and it will be shown to your customers while placing the order.

Manual Payments

  • You can also add manual payments like- UPI ID, Venmo ID, Bank account number etc.

  • You can add QR codes for the customers.

  • You can enable the option of Upload a Payment screenshot to confirm the order.

Payment Rules

  • Add the Payment Rules in the checkout settings. And enable payment modes.

  • Then, click on Advanced Rules to add the pricing.

  • Once you set it up, the price will reflect on the buyer’s side while making payment.

  • For Cash on delivery, you can set up an advanced partial payment. Any one of the online payment modes is required to be enabled for this.

  • You can disconnect or inactive your payment mode anytime.

  • You also have access to see the Summary of your total billing.

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