How to create Products

How to Add Products

Add Products

Windo is an eCommerce platform designed specifically for solopreneurs and small business owners where you can sell multiple types of items- physical goods, digital products, and numerous services.

After signing up with Windo, you add your products/items to the catalogue.

Follow these steps to ADD products to your online store:

  • Sign up with Windo.

  • Go to Dashboard.

  • Click on the Product icon.

  • You will see 2 + icons to Add products- Click on any 1 of the icons to go to the “Create Product” page.

  • You can upload multiple images and make any of the images your cover image.

  • Add Product Details.

  • Add Product Description.

Stock and Availability

  • You can add stock availability to “Always in Stock” or “Limited Stock” by adding some stocks.

Edit OR Delete Products

While adding multiple products at one time, it is common for sellers to add similar products more than once or add items which are already out of stock. This is why Windo gives an option where a seller can edit or delete products with an easy process.

Follow these steps to EDIT/DELETE products from your online store:

  • Once you add a Product, it will start showing in the Product list.

  • Go to the Product listing page.

  • Search for your Product either from the Search field or you can filter the Product from the Product type.

  • You can Preview and Share your product.

  • You can change the status of the product by clicking on the Toggle: Hide, Out of Stock or Delete.

  • Click on the Save button.

  • To edit the Product > click on the Product card you want to edit and make the required changes.

  • Click on “Update Product” to save the changes.

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