How to add Banners?

Add Marketing Banners

Adding marketing banners with visually appealing designs to an online shop is a highly effective way for sellers to promote their brand. This helps in increasing brand awareness and attracting more customers. Banners can be added in minutes to your online store on Windo.

Follow these steps to add BANNERS to your online store:

  • Go to the Settings page.

  • Find Banners under your Shop Website. Or, search for it in the Settings Search field.

  • You can Preview your created banner in the Banner Preview section.

  • Also, you can check your saved templates in the Saved Templates section.

  • For use or edit pre-made templates, browse Template Gallery.

  • Click on the Edit icon of the template you want to edit.

  • Try adding a Title and Description to your template for easy recognition.

  • The description will appear above your Banner image.

  • You can replace our template with a Custom image if desired.

  • Once done, you can Tag Products or Collections with your banner to make it easier for customers to find them.

  • Save the template for future use or click Save & Apply it to make it live on your store.

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