How to see shop analytics

Everything about Shop Analytics

Analytics can greatly help eCommerce businesses to improve their performance metrics. Using analytics like user behavior, ROI, and market trends, you can increase sales and reduce costs. Data analytics also reveal how your customers interact with your online store. By analyzing the spikes, you can plan your sales in a better way.

Windo mobile app and even web app provides you with all the necessary data you need to run your online store profitably. It shows you an overview of analytics in the Dashboard, where you can see the total orders and the live products figure. Plus, you can also get abandoned cart data. The Dashboard also shows you total billing.

To see the complete analytics report, click on "View Full Analytics". Here, you can view the following data:

  1. Summary of total visitors, total product views, products added to cart, and orders received. You can filter this data daily, weekly, or monthly.

  1. You can also view a graph of the individual data by selecting the duration as "This week", "Last week", "This month", or "Last month".

  1. In the individual data, you can see data related to orders received, total number of products in the cart, total number of users & new users, sessions, shop views, and product views.

  2. User duration is also available, both shop-wise and product-wise.

No doubt, these data points will help you understand your customers' behavior, and you can take data-driven actions to improve your business sales and marketing.

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