How to convert a store into an Android app?

Convert Store Into an Android App

An app offers a more convenient and user-friendly shopping experience for customers. With the accessibility of browsing and shopping from their mobile devices, customers can make purchases from anywhere at any time; which is highly beneficial for sellers. Windo offers its users a way to convert their online store into an android app.

Following are the steps to convert your online store into an android app:

  • Login into your account.

  • Go to Settings from the dashboard.

  • Scroll to the Shop Website section and click on APK Generation.

  • Add the Name of your app, Upload an app icon and Upload a splash image. Ensure you are using the right dimension.

  • After adding the details, click on the Request button & your request will be sent.

  • You will get an acknowledgement mail from the Windo team. And within 3-4 days, an APK file (Android app).

  • Your store should be in Garden plan to access the APK file (Android app).

  • You can edit your request & send it again, but only if you are a Garden plan user,

  • Once you receive your APK file, you can share it with your customers for installation.

  • You can also list it on the Play Store.

  • If you need any help in listing your Android app on the Play store. We are here to help at

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