How to add Digital Products?

How to add Digital Products?

Besides selling physical products on Windo, you can also sell digital products or the ones that can be downloaded from your Windo store, such as music files, e-books, video tutorials, photos, and other wide range of digital products. To sell digital products from your Windo shop, you can add them as products and whenever any customer make a purchase, the file will be delivered to the customer automatically.

How do I add digital products to my Windo store?

Adding a Digital Product is the same as adding Physical products. There will be a few changes for Digital Products on the Create Product screen. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to the ‘Create Product’ page, either by clicking on the “+ Add Products” button on the Dashboard or the “Products” icon in the navigation bar.

  1. Upload your product image and add details like Product name, Product price, Description, and Stock.

  2. Next, you need to enable the Digital Product option. Once you do, a pop-up will appear asking for your confirmation on the same.

  1. After enabling Digital Product, you will see the option of adding a Product link or uploading a File and saving it.

You can even add Collections and Variants for your Digital Products. After adding all the details, click on “Add Product” and it’s done! The products will start reflecting on your Windo store.

How do I edit and delete the digital products?

Well, the process of editing and deleting digital products is same as that of physical products. Click on the ‘Product’ icon located on the Dashboard and then click on any Product card to Edit it. To delete a product, click on any toggle switch and update the status to ‘delete’.

How a digital product is delivered?

Whenever a customer buying a digital product completes the payment process, and you update the status of Payment as completed, the customer will get an Email with the Product link or File to Download, which you had added while creating the Product.

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