How to manage Shipping/Delivery?

In this digital era, customers expect a seamless and fast shipping experience. Hence, online sellers who offer their customers good shipping and delivery options will always have a competitive edge over their competitors. Keeping this in mind, Windo gives its sellers the best process for shipping and delivery.

Following are the steps to manage the Shipping and Delivery of your store:

  • Go to Settings and click on Shipping & Delivery under Shop settings.


  • You can directly search for it in the search field of the Settings section.

Shipping Timeline

  • Update the minimum & maximum timeline for the Delivery.

  • Save the details.

  • It will be shown in your store.

Delivery Charges

  • You can add free delivery charges with multiple options:

Free Delivery: If you are not going to charge any delivery fee from your customers, choose this option.

Fixed Delivery Charge: If you are going to charge a fixed delivery fee from your customers then choose this option. It also allows you to waive off the delivery fee if the order value exceeds the set amount.

Eg: You can set a fixed delivery charge of $5 on every order if its value is less than $100. So, no delivery fee will be charged on orders valuing equal to or more than $100.

Delivery Charge by Order Value: This option allows you to select a certain range of order value and then assign a fixed delivery charge to the same. This way you can create multiple slabs of delivery charges, according to the order value.

Delivery Charge by Zone: Using this option, you can set different delivery charges according to region (country) or distance. Here is what you need to do:

Choose ‘Delivery Charge by Zone’

> Click on “Add Charges” > Click on “Add Zones”

> Select the text “Region-Based”. Now you can add countries to include/exclude

and then add shipping charges accordingly.

To set delivery charges by distance range, you must add your shop address in Address under Shop settings. You must set a minimum and maximum order value to set delivery charges by distance. Next, choose a distance range for which you want to charge delivery. Set the rate under the Delivery charge field, and click on ‘Add’ to complete.

Delivery Charge by Mode: This option allows you to set a delivery charge for the delivery as well as pickup. Again, you need to choose a minimum and maximum order value to set a delivery fee.

Shipping Modes

  • Enable the Shipping mode which you want to use to ship/deliver your orders.

  • If you are selecting Pickup as Shipping mode, make sure to add your Business/shop address for your customers.

  • You can also add Custom Shipping.

Shipping Partners

  • Select any shipping partner from the given list.

  • Click on Connect and follow the steps to configure the Shipping mode.

Areas Served

  • You can select the area based on Region and Distance for your customers.

  • You can exclude and include areas and add the Shipping charges accordingly.

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