How to manage customer login?

Customer Login

A quick and simple customer login process is a crucial part of the customer experience. Different users prefer different methods for logging into their accounts. The more options you offer, the smoother will be the user journey, and that’s why Windo provides multiple options for logging in via various methods. You can provide your customers with six different ways to log into your online store.

How to set up customer login?

  • To find Customer Login, go to Settings > Shop Website.

  • Scroll down to the Shop Website section.

  • You can also use the search bar in Settings.

  • In Customer Login, you can enable the following login options for your Customers/Visitors:

  1. Email + OTP (default option, can be disabled)

  2. Google login

  3. WhatsApp + OTP

  4. Phone + OTP

  5. Guest login

  6. Direct login (enables all login options)

  • Click on ‘Save’ to apply changes. You can always change login options later.

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