How to manage Ratings & Reviews

How can Customers give Ratings & Reviews?

You can always leverage customer reviews and ratings to improve your Windo store’s ranking. In fact, customer-generated content can also bring in some web traffic to your online store. Most importantly, customer reviews play a critical role in building a sense of trust among your target customers. Here is how to enable ratings and reviews for your customers:

  • Go to Settings and scroll down to Customers and Marketing, where you will find the option.

  • After you click on Ratings and Reviews, you will see the option has been enabled.

  • You can disable it if you don’t want your customers to give reviews and ratings.

  • There is a checkbox for automatic approval. Click on it if you want the ratings and reviews to be displayed to all your visitors/customers.

  • You can disable it if you want to approve each and every rating manually.

  • You can share the rating link with them anytime Or Customers will see 'Rate the Product' option once you mark the order as completed or shipping status as delivered or picked-up in order detail page.

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