How to connect Facebook Pixel?

How to add Facebook Pixel?

To know about your customer’s behavior, you need data, and this is where Facebook Pixel can help you out. It lets you keep an eye on your store visitors and their purchasing behavior. By leveraging the power of Facebook Pixel, you can fine-tune your ad campaigns in a much better way. You can know when your online store visitors search for products, view products/categories, add items to their shopping cart, and start & finish the checkout process.

The installation part takes just a few minutes, and you don’t need to learn any technical skills to execute the process. You will find the Facebook Pixel option in Settings.

After scrolling down to the Plugins & Integration section, click on the Facebook pixel icon and then click on ‘Connect’.

Add the Facebook Pixel ID in the given text field and save the changes.

How to get my Facebook Pixel ID?

Now, to get your Facebook Pixel ID, just follow these steps:

  1. Login into your Facebook account.

  2. Go to Menu and select Ads manager.

  1. Click on All tools and select ‘Events manager’.

  1. You will see a button as Connect Data; click on that.

  2. Select the web option and Connect.

  3. Enter the name you want to give for your FB pixel and Create a pixel.

  1. Copy and paste your shop URL (you can find it in Dashboard and copy the URL).

  1. Once you paste, click on Next and create the Facebook pixel.

  1. Go to All tools, and click on Data source.

  2. Go to Windo, and open Facebook pixel in Plugins

  3. Copy the given ID and paste it into the given space of the Facebook pixel ID.

  1. Add your Facebook pixel ID.

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