Add products advance settings

How to Add Products

Advanced Settings

To enhance the user experience, increase brand awareness, and for better targeting, sellers need to make their stores more attractive and user-friendly. With Windo’s flexibility provided in its advanced settings, you can easily tailor your store to your liking.

Follow these steps to customize your settings:

  • Click on Advanced settings to add more features.


  • Click on Collections to add multiple collections which you can link to your Products.

  • You will see 2 + icons to Add collections- Click on 1 of the icons to go to the “Add Collection” page.

  • You can upload a Collection image and Collection name.

  • Click on the Add Collection button to save it.

  • Once your collection is added, you can select it to link with the Products.

  • It will be shown in the Collection, which you can either remove or add another collection later.

Share/Edit/Disable Collections

  • Go to the Product detail page and select any collection.

  • Click on the Share icon to share your collections.

  • Click on the Edit icon to edit the Collections and click on Update Collection to save the changes.

  • You can add more Products to the existing collections by clicking on Add Products.

  • You can also disable Collections by clicking on the toggle switch.


  • Click on Add Variants to add Size or custom variants.

  • To add Size and colour variants, click on respective buttons, add size and colour, as well as price and availability for the same.

  • You can add multiple sizes and color variants.

  • Similarly, you can add your own custom variant.

  • You can either add a Size or a Custom variant. You need to delete any one of them at a time.

  • After adding the details, click on Save & Proceed button to move ahead.

  • Added variants will be shown in the Variant section, which you can edit or remove as per the requirement.


  • Click on Customization

  • Click on Yes if you want to give a customization option to your customers and save it.

  • Click on No in case you don’t want to give a customization option to your customers and save it.

More details

  • Click on More Details to add or edit Tax details, Shipping time, and Order quantity.

Tax Details

  • If you want to add tax details separately, then click on No” and click on Add Tax to add the taxes; it will start reflecting on the page where you can select it.

Shipping Time

  • Click on Shipping options to Add shipping/delivery timeline and Save it.

Order Quantity

  • Add minimum and maximum quantities for your customers to place the order.

  • If the maximum quantity is limited, add the number and Save it.

Once all the changes are done, you can click on “Add Product” or “Save as Draft” to update it later on your store.

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