How to connect Midtrans?

Adding Different Payment gateways to your online shop can provide sellers with a competitive advantage. This makes it easier for customers to complete transactions and eventually drives more revenue. Not to mention, multiple payment gateways accommodate customers with different preferences and needs. This is why Windo offers its clients a lot of payment gateways option.

How to connect the Midtrans Payment gateway

  • Log in to your Windo account and go to the Payment section from the Dashboard by clicking on the Payment icon.

  • Select the Midtrans payment gateway from the online payment mode and click on the Connect button.

  • If you don't have a Midtrans account, you can easily create with few clicks shown here or simply by logging in to your Midtrans account.

  • Once the account is created or logged in, go to the Settings.

  • Select API Keys.

  • Copy/paste the Client key and Secret key in the given fields of Midtrans on Windo and click on Connect button.

  • Your Midtrans payment gateway is connected.

  • Once your customers start paying via the Midtrans Payment gateway, the data will be shown on your Dashboard.

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