How to customize my store & add themes?

How to Add Themes

Add Themes

A theme is the visual representation of an online store. It allows store owners to create a consistent branding experience in their online store. With Windo’s “Build your own theme” option, sellers can tailor the look and feel of their brand and target audience in minutes.

Following are the steps to add THEMES to your online store:

  • Go to Settings.

  • Scroll down to the Shop Website section and click on Themes. Or, you can directly search it on the Settings search tab.

  • Among the 5 Themes offered, Celosia is our default theme.

  • Click on the Apply button of any of the themes to use it for your store.

  • To preview the Theme, click on Details and click on Preview.

  • Customize your theme by clicking on Details and clicking on the Pick color option.

  • Select any color and Preview.

  • Save the changes, and your Theme will be applied.

Build Your Own Theme

  • Apply to Build Your Own Theme.

  • You will see different variants of each section like Shop Profile style, Shop Banner style, collection style, and Product card style.

  • Enable the one you like from each style.

  • Save the changes.

Layout Customization

  • In the Themes, you will find the next tab Layout Customization.

  • In this section, you can enable or disable any of the Store’s features which you don’t want to add to your store.

Font Customization

  • In Settings, under Shop Website, next to Themes, you will find Font.

  • Click on it and select any of the fonts and Preview.

  • Click on the Save button to Save the changes.

  • You’ll be able to see changes in your store.

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